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Random Things About Me...


* Although British, I was born in Germany due to my dad being posted there with the Royal Air Force.

* I have double-jointed thumbs.

* I once had coffee with Barry Mcguigan. (you know, the little boxer!)

* I'm a huge fan of 80's music (well, someone has to be).

* I live off a diet of Coca-Cola and chocolate - works for me!

* I have 24 pairs of jeans - yes, really!

* And 18 pairs of ankle boots.

* I work from my converted loft and spy on the neighbours - and sometimes wish I didn't; you wouldn't believe some of the things I've seen!

* Before becoming a journalist I walked out of over 30 different jobs.

* I once worked as a tarot reader for a phone company - some folk mistook it for a sex line!

* Since 2013 I have been a property developer and now own 20 properties. See for more.

* From an early age I learned how to forge signatures and am very good at it ;)

* My ideal man would be a mash up of Enrique Iglesies, Bruce Willis, Channing Tantum and Gerard Butler.

* I'm not very observant sometimes - I walked right past a dead body once and didn't even notice it.

* My blog:  is generally dedicated to me ranting about what pisses me off

Media Kit


Deborah Durbin has been a freelance journalist and author for more than 20 years. She specialises in real life, health and wellbeing and mind, body and spirit features. She has 14 books published and is currently working on book number 14, plus a screenplay. She is a columnist and expert advisor for two magazines. She recently upgraded from working in her loft bedroom to her own office, where she spends a lot of time watching people pass by.

Deborah is also the owner of Deborah Durbin Properties Ltd, which buys and renovates run down properties. She currently has 22 properties that she lets out and she spent a year rebuilding an 18th century cottage.


She home-schooled her three daughters who are now grown up and pursuing their own exciting careers and lives. Deborah has managed to acquire five dogs, two rabbits, two guinea pigs and two hamsters that her children thought were a good idea at the time. Hobbies include travelling, eating out, the latest technology, flying and fast cars.

For all enquiries please email: 

My New Book, The Real Gypsy Guide to Fortune Telling is out now!

Nice Things People Say About Me...

"We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you, on behalf of Hodder, for all your hard work and commitment in producing this book. It really has been a pleasure working with you!"

Harry Scoble. Development Editor. Hodder Education

'I just finished reading the book and not only did I love it ( every page!) and the wonderful characters but I am writing to beg you to write a sequel! You're the JK Rowling of dead people!'

Deborah Ehling. USA Today

"I am impressed by Deborah's diligence to her profession and the care taken to ensure all articles submitted are engaging, relevant to our readership and, most importantly, well written. She has an understanding for delivering appropriate copy that requires no editing and pitching features that will make a difference to our readers’ lives."

Aine Toner – Editor – Woman’s Way Ireland

'A knowledgeable writer on spiritual subjects, her easy-to-read style makes the topic very accessible' 

Sue Ricketts, Editor, Take A Break's Fate & Fortune

'Deborah consistently comes up with ideas that our readers will love and follows up with great features that are entertaining, informative and tailored to our market.'

Karen Byrom - Editor, My Weekly

'Wow! Thank you so much for coming in to school last week to teach journalism. It was fantastic! The children really caught hold of what it means to write a good hook and you were great with them. Thank you!'

Sarah Vincent - Class 4 teacher. St. Georges School. WSM

'As a writer I know that writing a book successfully through the eyes of one character can be difficult but Deborah Durbin did just that and did it well. Deborah Durbin has written a tale that brings the reader into this little known world, entertains them and keeps them entranced until the final page.'

Karen Magill Author of A Rock 'n Roll Love Story

"If you know anybody (men included) who are about to hit the big Four-Oh-My-God, then this latest gem from hilarious writer Deborah Durbin HAS to go in their stocking, Christmas or otherwise. Just so, so funny!

Amazon Reviewer for OMG I'm 40!

"Very funny but more than that, incredibly accurate!"
Dorothy Davies - Author